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My intention for this website is to provide a up-to-date and accurate listing of C&W dance events (and a few other things) mostly within 100 miles from Boerne.  Sometimes venues cancel events and bands cancel dates for a variety of reasons, this website may not be accurate as a result.  This website has always been and will continue to be free of charge.  Part of the motive is in preserving our Texas dance halls, it’s becoming more difficult to keep these wonderful old places open.  Keep On Dancing!!


The comments about the bands and/or the venues are solely my opinion. If a band’s name has a line through it (Band) it is because I personally have no intention of going to listen to them as they don’t coincide with my musical taste and/or their music is way too loud.



I hope that you had a great time dancing in 2019
              and are looking forward to more in 2020!!




Upcoming opportunities   2020
Tue 3/10 Jam Session @ Geronimo $band donation 3-6:30p
Wed 3/11 Burgundy @ Martinez $10 7:30p

Thu-Sat 3/12-14 Best Little Cowboy Gathering In Texas - La Grange
Fri 3/13 Good Ole Boys @ Geronimo $9 3-6:30p kitchen @ 2p

Fri 3/13 Koncrete Kings @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Sat 3/14 Rex Allen McNeil @ Quihi $10? 9pm
Sat 3/14 Bobby Flores @ Kendalia $18Adv/$23door 8:30p
Sun 3/15 Bimbo & Borderline @ Geronimo $9 3-6:30p kitchen @ 2p

Sun 3/15 County Line @ Martinez $10 3p

Wed 3/18 Texas Rimshot @ Martinez $10 7:30p
Fri 3/20 Randy Harrison @ Geronimo $10 7-10p kitchen @ 5:30p
Fri 3/20 Brutherz @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation

Sat 3/21 Josh Ward @ Gruene $20 8p

Sat 3/21 NO DANCE @ Braun

Sat 3/21 Jake Penrod @ Anhalt 8p $15
Sat 3/21 Paul Sanchez @ Longbranch - Adkins $? 9p
Sun 3/22 Good Ole Boys @ Geronimo $10 3-6:30p kitchen @ 5:30p

Sun 3/22 Drugstore Cowboys @ Martinez $10 3p

Wed 3/25 Countrymen @ Martinez $10 7:30p
Fri 3/27 Lone Star Pickerz @ Geronimo $10 7-11p kitchen @ 5:30p
Fri 3/27 Rex Allen McNeil @ Hangin' Tree $? time?

Fri 3/27 Hot Texas Swing Band @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Sat 3/28 Jake Penrod @ Floore's $Band donation  doors@7p, band@9p
Sat 3/28 Billy Mata @ Quihi $20? 9p

Sat 3/28 Freddy Cruz @ Martinez $10 8:30p
Sun 3/29 Bret Mullins CD Release Party @ Floore’s $band donation time?
Sun 3/29 The Countrymen @ Geronimo $9 3-6:30p kitchen @ 2p

Sun 3/29 Nashville Sounds @ Martinez $10 3p
Fri 4/3 Wagon Aces @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Sat 4/4 Bob Appel @ Hye Hall $10 7-10p

Sat 4/4 Rick Reyna @ Braun $10? 7:30p

Fri 4/10 Wagon Aces @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Sat 4/11 Rex Allen McNeil @ Tejas Rodeo $? time?
Sat 4/11 Jason Boland @ Luckenbach $20 doors@7music@8p
Sat 4/11 Max Stalling @ Kendalia $15Adv/$20door 9:30p
Sat 4/11 Jeremy Richards @ Quihi $10? 9p
Sun 4/12 Resurrection Day (known by some as Easter)
Sun 4/12 Bret Graham @ Gruene $band donation  12:30-430p
Fri 4/17 Merles @ Shade Tree $? 8p
Fri 4/17 Dale Watson @ Floore's  $15  doors@7p, band@9p
Fri 4/17 Brutherz @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Fri-Sun 4/17-19 Anhalt Western Roundup @ Anhalt $65 4/17@3pm
Sat 4/18 Bret Graham @ Hondo's $band donation 8p
Sat 4/18 River City Kings @ Braun $10? 7:30p

Fri 4/24 Koncrete Kings @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Sat 4/25 Johnny Bush & Merles @ Luckenbach $25 8p
Sat 4/25 Rocky King @ Quihi $20? 9p
Fri 5/1 Rex Allen McNeil @ Shade Tree $? time?
Fri 5/1 Jason Boland @ Schroeder $12 9p
Sat 5/2 County Line @ Watering Hole $? 9p
Sat 5/2 Bob Appel & Johnny McGowan @ Hye Hall $10 7p

Sat 5/2 Good Ole Boys @ Braun $10? 7:30p

Fri 5/8 Koncrete Kings @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Sat 5/9 Clint Taft @ Watering Hole $? 9p
Sat 5/9 Cornell Hurd @ Devil's Backbone $? time?
Sat 5/9 Glenn Collins @ Kendalia $10Adv/$14door 8:30p
Sat 5/9 Keith Lutz @ Quihi $10? 9p
Sun 5/10 Mother's Day
Sun 5/10 Bret Graham @ Gruene $band donation  12:30-430p
Fri 5/15 Hot Texas Swing Band @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Sat 5/16 Rex Allen McNeil @ Longbranch - Adkins $? time?

Sat 5/16 Tom Teboe @ Anhalt $15 8p

Sat 5/16 Rick Rice @ Braun $10? 7:30p
Fri 5/22 Pauline Reese @ Luckenbach $? 8p in dancehall???
Sat 5/23 Mark Odom @ Quihi $10? 9pm
Sat 5/25 Mike & Moonpies @ Luckenbach $10 8p
Fri 5/29 Hot Texas Swing Band @ Luckenbach $Band donation 5-7p

Thu-Sat 6/10-13 Western Swing Festival @ Snyder $?

Fri 6/19 Koncrete Kings @ Luckenbach 8p $band donationSun 5/17 private event @ Floore's
Sat 6/6 Bret Graham @ Hondo's $band donation 8p
Sat 6/6 Bob Appel & Johnny McGowan @ Hye Hall $10 7p
Sun 6/14 Bret Graham @ Gruene $band donation  12:30-430p
Fri 6/19 Koncrete Kings @ Luckenbach 8p $band donationSat 6/20 Johnny Bush @ Anhalt 8p $25
Sat 6/20 Rex Allen McNeil @ Longbranch - Adkins $? time?
Sat 6/20 Almost Patsy Cline Trio @ Luckenbach 1p $band donation on outside stage
Sun 6/21 Father's Day

6/22 Roper's - Floresville Grand Re-opening
Sat 6/27 Ricky Adams @ IOTH $band donation 9p

Anhalt - no dance in July

Fri 7/3 Wagon Aces @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Sat 7/4 Bob Appel & Johnny McGowan @ Hye Hall $10 7p
Sat 7/11 Rex Allen McNeil @ Longbranch - Adkins $? time?
Sat 7/11 Clint Taft @ Watering Hole $? 9p
Sun 7/12 Bret Graham @ Gruene $band donation  12:30-430p
Fri 7/17 Brutherz @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation

Sat 7/18 no dance @ Anhalt
Sat 7/20 Roger Winkler Memorial Benefit @ Kosciusko $? time?

 Fri 7/31 Hot Texas Swing Band @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation

Anhalt - no dance in August

Sat 8/1 Bob Appel & Johnny McGowan @ Hye Hall $10 7p
Fri 8/7 Wagon Aces @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Sat 8/8 Ricky Adams @ Sisterdale VFD Findraiser $band donation 7p
Sun 8/9 Bret Graham @ Gruene $band donation  12:30-430p
Sat 8/14 Rex Allen McNeil @ Shade Tree $? time?
Sat 8/14 Bret Graham @ Hondo's $band donation 8p
Fri 8/14 Koncrete Kings @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation

Sat 8/15 no dance @ Anhalt

Fri 8/21 Bonnie Lang @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Fri 8/28 Brutherz @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Fri 9/4 Wagon Aces @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Sat 9/5 Bob Appel & Johnny McGowan @ Hye Hall $10 7p
Fri 9/11 Koncrete Kings @ Luckenbach 8p $band donation
Sat 9/12 Clint Taft @ Watering Hole $? 9p
Sat 9/12 Ricky Adams @ IOTH $band donation 9p
Sun 9/13 Bret Graham @ Gruene $band donation  12:30-430p
Sat 9/18 Rex Allen McNeil @ Shade Tree $? time?

Sat 9/19 Jody Nix @ Anhalt 8p $15

Fri 9/25 Hot Texas Swing Band @ Luckenbach $Band donation 8p
Sat 10/3 Bob Appel & Johnny McGowan @ Hye Hall $10 7p
Sat 10/17 Oktoberfest w/Jodie Mikula & Billy Mata @ Anhalt $10 before 4pm/$15 after  12p-11p
Sat 10/23 Bret Graham @ Hondo's $band donation 8p
Sat 11/7 Bob Appel & Johnny McGowan @ Hye Hall $10 7p
Sat 11/14 Clint Taft @ Watering Hole $? 9p
Sat 11/21 Jeff Woolsey @ Anhalt $15  8p
Sat 11/28 Wade Bowen & Jake Ward & Cibolo Bound @ Kosciusko Hall $20 4p-12A  dancing????
Sat 12/5 Bob Appel & Johnny McGowan @ Hye Hall $10 7p
Thu 12/31 Ricky Adams @ Buckhorn Lake $? 9p




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Albert Dance Hall  okay dance floor, similar to Anhalt, - uncertain if they are have any dances anymore

Anhalt   best large wooden dance floor around, have added fans & heaters but still a “fair weather” place (better now with more fans but can be really HOT!)

Arkey Blue’s Silver Dollar, Bandera – wasn’t as smoky as I thought, concrete floor with sawdust

(The) Barn At Dripping Springs no longer having dances except on special occasions

Blue Bonnet Palace this place won’t ever be my favorite, rough concrete dance floor

Blue Sage Hall, Ingram  no place to dance really, concrete floor

Bo’s Barn Dance Hall, Temple…haven’t been there yet

Brass Hall – Marble Fall …haven’t been there yet

Braun Hall nice floor
Broken Spoke – Austin …haven’t been there yet
Buckhorn Bar & Grill - Leakey…haven’t been there yet

Buckhorn Hall, Llano  Facebook page  …haven’t been there yet

Cahoots – Lebanon, TN   …haven’t been there yet

Chikin Coop Bandera – heard it has a small dance floor

Concho Palace     CLOSED

Cotton Club, Granger…haven’t been there yet

Country Nights Bar & Club O’Connor & Crosswinds  …haven’t been there yet

Old Coupland Dance Hall east of Round Rock …haven’t been there yet

Cowboy Dancehall  heard it’s crowded, younger crowd, has dance lessons on Wed. & Thu. nights…haven’t been there yet

Crider’s Dance Hall & Rodeo, Hunt, unsure if they have between Memorial & Labor Day with their rodeo, concrete floor is hard to dance on

Crossroads Saloon - Fredericksburg…fairly nice but small floor

Down South Railhouse - Kyle, haven’t been there yet, typically free before 9:00pm, entry afterward = $10, depends on band, heard it has a VERY small dance floor --- still open?
Farm Street Opry – Bastrop…..has dances only on Thursday

Floore's Country Store Family Night inside on Sunday nights, #4 on my list

Freiheit Country Store haven’t been there yet, closed on Monday

The Gathering – Geronimo VFW

Grand Old Oplin …… saw it on Texas Country Reporter, near Abilene, nice place, converted high school with wood dance floor

Geronimo VFW - 6808 N Highway 123, Geronimo, 830-303-9903, kitchen opens @ 2:00, nice folks, good linoleum floor, quickest way is IH10E to Hwy123N

Gravity Check Saloon and Arena – Kerrville …haven’t been there yet

Gruene Hall lots of history here, floor isn't as bad as I’ve heard

The Hanger Hotel haven’t been there yet, has orchestra musicians??? …haven’t been there yet

The Hangin Tree - Bracken, an old style saloon, small dance floor, still smoky I think

Harper Community Hall…haven’t been there yet

Headwaters Saloon - Harper, indoor concrete dance floor, not much to look at

Hondo’s On Main - Fredricksburg  concrete dance area outside - - - - >no inside dance area
Honky Tonk Texas – Silsbee   don’t bother going unless you like getting bumped on the concrete dance floor ALOT

House Pasture Cattle Company - Concan Tx, pricey place near Concan, heard the food is excellent…haven’t been there yet
Hye Hall - Hye…real nice place, good floor, nice staff

Inn Of The Hills - Kerrville, music starts @ 9:00, small wooden dance floor, $5 @door…scroll down on FB page to see the schedule

Kendalia Halle  small but nice dance floor, locals usually, can be crowded

Kicaster Country Store (no web site) near La Vernia, near Adkins & Texas Pride, …haven’t been there yet…heard that it’s closing

Kings & Queens Ballroom - New Braunfels…haven’t been there yet

Kosciusko Dance Hall, south of Stockdale…haven’t been there yet

Last Chance Dance Hall – Austin …haven’t been there yet
Lazy L & L Hall & Campground (New Braunfels) open air pavilion, most likely concrete dance floor…haven’t been there yet

Leon Springs Dance Hall  CLOSED

Little Red's Longhorn Saloon, Ft Worth…haven’t been there yet

London Hall (west of Mason, NE of Junction) $??, $5 BBQ plates on Saturday…haven’t been there yet

Longbranch Saloon (Adkins) Saturday dances start at 9:00, haven’t been there yet, doesn’t have events listed on Facebook, no other website that I could find…haven’t been there yet

Longhorn Saloon - Bandera    CLOSED

Lubianski's Dance Hall --  90E to R@1604S to L@1346 to R@1518    (210-667-1145)

                               close to Martinez, heard that it has a nice dance floor and has A/C

Luckenbach  #1 on my list just because of the atmosphere

lives up to its reputation, a real nice place for “atmosphere” ....but no dance wax

- - ->  a “fair weather” place, has heaters when it’s cold

Luxello Hall….not sure if it’s open, no web site lately

Martinez Social Club #5 on my list solely because of travel distance, nice dance floor, has AC

McQueeney Hall …may be closed, no active web site nor FB page

Mercer St Dance Hall, new place is open, south of Dripping Springs on Hwy12, will soon have plywood floor

Mesquite Hall or Mesquite Hall - Adkins, fairly good concrete floor….I can’t find any other website other than this Facebook page

Midnight Rodeo where I took dance lessons   CLOSED

Nashville Cowboy Church - Nashville…haven’t been there yet
Nashville Palace - Nashville…haven’t been there yet
Nelson City Dancehall (only open for weddings now apparently)  third from last on my list, the absolute best venue that I’ve seen

               this may be a nice looking place but calling them for info won’t work

Nutty Jerry’s, Winnie (between Houston & Beaumont) …haven’t been there yet

Oestrich's Rose, Llano  (not sure if there are still dances there) not a bad place to dance

Old 300 Bbq Back Forty Dance Hall, Blanco, good BBQ!!, haven’t danced there yet, still having dances??

Old Coupland Dance Hall east of Round Rock …haven’t been there yet

Oma Gruene's Secret Garden – CLOSED

Pardners Night Club (Buchanan Dam) smoky…haven’t been there yet

Pat’s Hall (Fredricksburg) CLOSED website no longer valid Aug 2015, concrete floor inside and out

Pecan St Brewing – Johnson City…haven’t been there yet
Pipe Creek Store & Dancehall   reopened 1/18/2020…haven’t been there yet only….contact info is pipecreekdancehall@gmail.com

Pioneer Hall - Anson…haven’t been there yet

The Phoenix Saloon (New Braunfels)…haven’t been there yet, probably won’t ever go – tends to have rock music

Poodie’s Hilltop Roadhouse (Spicewood)…haven’t been there yet

Quihi Gun Club #2 on my list, a “fair weather” place, smoking allowed on one side of room, 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month

Riley’s Tavern haven’t been there yet

Roper’s Dancehall (Floresville)…haven’t been there yet, has DJ music only
Round Top Rifle Assn - Round Top

Rusty Spur Country Bar & BBQ (Bulverde) CLOSED

Ryder’s Dance Hall (Granite Shoals) haven’t been there yet, karaoke every Thursday, Tejano every Friday, unknown on Saturday

Scenic Loop Cafe has outside concrete area, a “fair weather” place, pricey food

- - ->  no inside dance area, concrete outside

Schertz V.F.W. smoking allowed inside, I won’t be going there

Schroeder Hall (Goliad)…. Remodeled, supposed to be really nice
Sengelmann Hall
not sure if they have dances there anymore

Seguin K.C. Hall…haven’t been there yet

Shade Tree Saloon …haven’t been there yet
Silver Wings Ballroom – Brenham…haven’t been there yet

Sisterdale Dance Hall  CLOSED only open for weddings/private events now

Specht’s Store good food, no place to dance

Stage Coach Ballroom (DFW) …haven’t been there yet

Stetson Bar San Antonio, live bands Friday & Saturday 9:30pm…haven’t been there yet

St Hedwig American Legion Hall (14290 FM 1346, St Hedwig, TX 78152) nice floor

Stone Cellar Wines & Dance Hall - Round Top

Swiss Alp Dance Hall north of Schulenburg on US77…haven’t been there yet…still open??

Tejas Rodeo = otherwise known as “Cibolo Smokehouse & Saloon”

                                              they have added on since I was there last

                                              music starts after rodeo is finished

Texas Pride BBQ past Martinez, large concrete outdoor dance floor, good BBQ!!!

Texas 46 CLOSED

The Backyard (Fredericksburg) haven’t been there yet, supposed to be nice, pics don’t show any dancers

The Roundup Beer Garden & Food Park, north of Bergheim, open air concrete…haven’t been there yet, take a date

The Well -- @ NE corner of UTSA Blvd & IH10, dance lessons 7:00-8:30 Saturdays

                               vinyl plank flooring but dance wax available, okay place to dance, parking can be an ISSUE

Thirsty Horse Saloon  been there, not ever going to be my favorite place, has dance lessons on Thursday nights
Tom Sefcik Hall - Seaton…haven’t been there yet, looks good

Tra’s Country CLOSED

Turner Hall – Fredericksburg, burned down, supposed to be rebuilding it

Troubador Dancehall & Saloon, Cuero…haven’t been there yet

Twin Sisters #2 on my list, has returned to being a nice place to dance but can have problems with children on the floor (parents fault!!)

Watering Hole Saloon, New Braunfels…haven’t been there yet … now NO smoking allowed now, supposed to be largest air-conditioned wooden dance floor in NB

Watterson Hall - Red Rock…haven’t been there yet

Western Club, Navasota…smokeless Saturday nights .…haven’t been there yet

Western Dance Club - Harper...no web site, US 290 & CR 783…haven’t been there yet

Western Edge Cellars – Fredericksburg, fairly smooth concrete but small floor, unknown if they are still having bands/dances there

Wild Country Jamboree – Burnes, TN  found this place while driving outlying towns around Nashville

Wild Horse Saloon - Bandera WAY TOO SMOKY

Wilson County Showbarn  pretty nice but concrete dance floor

11th Street Cowboy Bar Bandera --- no current events apparently --- fairly large concrete open air dance floor, a “okay” place but won’t ever be my favorite, has canvas sides & space heaters for when it’s cold

5J Dance Hall…haven’t been there yet



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Aaron Kothmann sounds good on the internet

Adam Hood probably not my kind music

Al Dressen sounds good on the internet

Allan Hendrickson Jr sat in with Rex Allen McNiel for a few songs, good voice!

Almost Patsy Cline Band (see FB page) excellent dance band, one of the best ---- is retiring at the end of this year

Amber Digby & Midnight Flyer  (music sample) good band but can be very loud

Anthony Moreno haven’t heard them yet

Any Given Sunday Gospel

Arty Hill and the Pearl Dusters (music sample)  good music, not in the area very often

Asleep At The Wheel love their music, a bit too fast for me sometimes

Been There Dunn That (music sample) no website apparently

Ben Haggard  YouTube videos are excellent, you can tell where he got his voice

Bill Hearne Trio from Santa Fe, not in this area often but they are good

Bill Rice Band (music sample) haven’t heard them yet

Billy Garza haven’t heard them yet, website hasn’t been updated lately

Billy Hanson & Lone Strangers according to their website they are “high energy” (not certain what that means but likely rocky and/or loud)

Billy Mata really good

Bimbo & Borderline pretty good dance band --- website no longer active

Blacktop Gypsy really good

Blue Clear Sky (did need a new soundperson…. badly, haven’t heard them in a while)

Bo Porter a very talented musician, can play C&W, Americana, blues, rock, etc…all really well

Bob Appel he’s really good

Bob Schneider SLOW loading website

Bobby Baker and the Longnecks heard they are not playing anymore

Bobby Flores excellent dance band, one of the best

Bobby Jordan and Ridge Creek decent band, heard they retired in fall of 2015

Bobby Pounds (music sample) excellent dance band, one of the best, no longer active?

Bobby Marquez excellent dance band, one of the best

Bodie Powell ( music sample) haven’t heard them yet, no longer active?

Bordertown Bootleggers  (music sample) decent band

Burgundy  haven’t heard them yet

Brady Honeycutt he’s very good

Braydon Zink

Brennen Leigh

Brent Allen (music sample) I’d really like to hear this band

Bret Graham REALLY good but could play more waltzes

Bret Mullins heard him for about 1 hour, good but all Two Step

Brian Strange & Strange Bros   won’t ever go to hear them again

Broken Duckfeet

Brothers Medina  songs on website sound good but weren’t so good live

BRutherz   too rocky for my taste

Cactus Country - an okay dance band, plays traditional country during first set then rock-n-roll thereafter

Cadillac Gypsies haven’t heard them yet

Caliche Road Band …..not worth seeing again

Cameran Nelson  “Texas country” (rock-n-roll with a twang)

Can’t Hardly Playboys no longer touring according to their website

Cash’d Out  played only polkas

Cedar Squeezers Americana (music sample)

Chad Reilly haven’t heard them yet

Chanson Et Soulard Cajun band

Charles Thibodeaux & Austin Cajun Aces

Charles & Fabulous Four good dance band, more waltzes than I hear from other bands

Cher La-Bas Texas Cajun music, really good

Chilton Vance Band (music sample) (he was formerly with Cactus Country)  good dance band, no longer active?

Chris Saucedo haven’t heard them yet

Chris Story okay band, plays everything with a rock edge to it

Chris Wall Band (music sample) I’d really like to hear this band, no longer touring?

Classic Country Band  haven’t heard them yet

Clayton Gardner  WAY TOO LOUD, never again

Clint Martin Band (music sample) haven’t heard them yet, no longer active?

Clint Taft & Buck Wild (music sample) haven’t heard them yet

Coby Carter plays only Two Step

Cody Joe Hodges definitely “Texas country” (rock-n-roll with a twang)

Cody Rowe (music sample)  haven’t heard them yet

Conrad & the Texas Legends  GOOD dance band, no website now (7/2017) no longer active?

Cornell Hurd haven’t heard them yet

Cory Morrow “Texas country”/Americana/Red Dirt

Country Boys Union (music sample) haven’t heard them yet, no longer active?

Country From The Heart Band  the link to their website is inactive, this is all I could find

Country Tradition  no longer touring

The Countrymen   good dance band

County Line Band good dance band

Country Crossroads  haven’t heard them yet, one web link shows they do C&W and classic rock

Czechaholics polka band

Dale Watson (music sample)   excellent dance band, one of the best

Dana Lee  -- no web site, good singer

Dancehall Cowboys (music sample) haven’t heard them yet

Darrell McCall  hearing him once is all that’s needed, bad attitude

Dave Insley (music sample)  (rocky country)

Dave Laughlin Band I’d really like to hear this band

David Ball haven’t heard them yet, supposed to be really good

David Joel haven’t heard them yet

David Lee didn’t like his style

Derek Spence – George Strait tribute band…does it really well!!

Doug Moreland (music sample)   good dance band

Doug Wariner and His Only Band (music sample)

Drew Womack (music sample) no longer active?

Drugstore Cowboys excellent dance band, one of my favorites

Dudley Ilse & Downbeats haven’t heard them yet

Duke Davis good band even though no drummer

Dust Devils (rock-n-roll)

Dwight Yoakum  I would really like to hear him live (and be able to dance)

Electric Cowboys haven’t heard them yet

Emily Herring  not as good as first time I heard her, unlikely to go again

Emmerson Biggins  (music sample) haven’t heard them yet, no longer active?

Ennis Czech Boys Band haven’t heard them yet

Eric Neznik  pretty rocky, plays for the younger crowd

Felix Truvere  good dance band, I forgot how good he is until I heard him again recently

Fast Movin’ Train …. haven’t heard them yet

Fingerpistol  good band but doesn’t take requests

Flat Top Jones apparently no website for the band itself

Frankly Country Band

Freddy Cruz & The Noble Outlaws  heard them twice, they were great!

Gary Newcomb Trio according to their website: “blend ‘fuzzy, jazzy Indie swing/pop’ and ‘wet roots/dry cone pedal steel cosmic jive’ ”

Gary P Nunn if you like real Texas music (not the rock style of today), this is the best  ---- is retiring at the end of this year

The Georges roots/rockabilly and too loud

Geronimo Trevino no longer active apparently

Glenn Collins & The Alibis haven’t heard them yet, sounds good on the internet

Good Ole Boys good dance band

Gumbo Ce Soir Cajun Band haven’t heard them yet

Gunpowder Soup SLOW website!!, plays a “variety of music”….oldies, rock, country, etc…heard they are NOT a C&W band, “variety” is the key word

Hot Texas Swing Band plays good music but not really dance music

Hilltown = terrible band, never again

Hunter Smith   “country rock”

Jace & Lee haven’t heard them yet

Jack Higginbotham (music sample) haven’t heard them yet, no longer active?

Jake Hooker  way too loud three times, NEVER AGAIN

Jake Martin  (music sample) part of L&M Kings, very talented

Jake Penrod  excellent dance band, one of the best

Jamie Richards (music sample)  has a fairly rocky edge to most of his music

Janice Maynard sounds good on the internet, no longer touring??

Jason Allen Band (music sample)  good music, easy to dance to…use Internet Explorer only

Jason Boland & The Stragglers  (music sample) good music

Jason Cassidy (music sample)  haven’t heard them yet

Jason Eady sounds good on the internet

Jason Roberts Band  excellent dance band, one of the best

Jake Kellen  terrible band, never again

Jay Eric & Blieders Creek  WAY TOO LOUD!!!!  never again

Jeff Griffith good dance band, not touring anymore

Jeffrey Charles has a rocky edge to their C&W

Jeff Woolsey - plays mostly Two Step but plays more waltzes than they did before

Jeremy Richards probably more rock than country

Jeremy Steding probably more rock than country

Jerry Hart & Flatland WAY TOO LOUD!!!!  never again…after 20 minutes I asked the sound guy if it was going to be that loud all night, he stated “That’s the way the band wants it”.  I left after that.

Jesse Stratton too loud, too rocky

Jim Bolado  heard he's good

Jim Byrom  heard him again, played almost all Two-Step

Jim Raby he is very good, no longer touring??

Jimmy Cribb can be rather rocky

Jimmy Lee Jones  plays a lot of Willie and does it well

Jimmy Sims Band sounds good on the internet

Jodie Mikula Polka Band (polka, et.al.)

Jody Nix & The Texas Cowboys (music sample) excellent dance band, one of the best

John Arthur Martinez good voice for the 2 songs I heard

John Baumann  more rock than country, not my taste

John (or Jon) Christopher Way website says “Texas with an edge” = too rocky & too loud

John Evans Band rock

John Reeves haven’t heard them yet

John Wayne Shulz heard him once, he’s excellent

Johnny Bush

Jon Wolfe haven’t heard them yet

Jonny Burke - haven’t heard them yet

Josh Peek  good music

Junior Brown

Junior Gordon  want to see this band, not in this area often

Justin Trevino decent dance band

Kathy Bauer Band (music sample) wonderful voice!, good dance band

Kayla Ray haven’t heard them yet

Keen Country Band (Country)

Keith Lutz & String Slingers no longer touring?

Kenny Orts & No Chance really good band
Kevin Anthony and “G” Town Cajun Band Cajun band

Kevin Huval and the Ouevls Cajun band

Kelly Spinks haven’t heard him live yet, sounds good on the internet

Kick-A-Boot Band   no web site available, plays old style country very well

Kim Carson & The Enablers (music sample)

Kyle Park WAY TOO LOUD!!!!  never again

L&M Kings  really good dance band

Landon Dodd & The Dancehall Drifters  (music sample) was good before, haven’t heard him in a while

Larry Joe Taylor (music sample) haven’t heard them yet

Leon Rauch been around a long long time, must be a reason for it

Light Crust Doughboys haven’t heard them yet

Lisa Morales  see Sisters Morales

Lone Star Pickerz  good dance band that also plays some rock-n-roll

Lonnie Spiker haven’t heard him live yet, sounds good on the internet

Lost Sounds Of Texas Honky Tonks  -- really good, still playing but website inactive

Loyd Bonham  not very good

Lucky Tomblin Band   Lucky Tomlin is no longer with us

Lucky Tubb & The Modern Day Troubadours  (music sample)  rockabilly and not very good at it

Luke Olson (music sample)   I really want to hear this band

Manzy Lowry

Mario Flores & Soda Creek  lousy band, way too loud

Mark Monaco Band (music sample)  more rocky than country, even the country was pretty rocky

Mark Powell haven’t heard them yet, sounds good on the internet
Mark Odom
haven’t heard them but songlist on website strongly suggests very rock oriented

Marty White and the Hired Guns (music sample)   I really want to hear this band

Max Stalling good dance band and songwriter....heard him again, not as good as before

M.C. & The Mystyx  thinks you have to be LOUD to be good

The Merles really good band, plays some really old songs very well

Meyer Anderson  heard they’re not very good, what I heard was correct….way too rocky & loud

Michael Myers haven’t heard them yet, sounds good on the internet

Michael Player plays good country but more rock-n-roll than I prefer
Mick Hernandez & Texas Silverados  haven’t heard them yet

Midland if you like your music loud and rocky this is your band

Mike Blakely  (music sample) heard him once play with Thomas Michael Riley, great music!

Mike Cowan Band haven’t heard them yet, no web site (apparently)

Mike Lord Three no longer touring?
Mike & The Moonpies twangy rock, not to my taste

Mike Stinson ….haven’t heard them yet
Mikki Daniel heard her at La Grange, really good
Mollie & Squeezebox they are really good

Monte Good  (music sample)  this guy is really good

Most Wanted Band (music sample) pretty good dance band

Nashville Sounds   good dance band, no web site (apparently)

Natalie Rose if you like your C&W music rocky I reckon they are good, not my choice

Nate Kip haven’t heard them yet

Nick Lawrence  plays “Texas country” (rocky country), heard he is not very good

Noel Haggard   sounds like his father but more edgy

Noel McKay

Pat Waters  WAY TOO LOUD!!!!  never again…after 30 minutes I asked the sound guy if it was going to be that loud all night, he stated “Is it too loud? I don’t think so”

The O’s too rocky for my taste

Original Recipe Band jazz

Palomino Shakedown according to their website “influences of Country, Southern Soul, and Rock n' Roll

Paul Nipper

Paul Sanchez & Wrangler Country…..haven’t heard them yet

Pauline Reese (music sample)

Pearl Snaps really good band, if they had a fiddler they would be excellent, plays a lot of old stuff but few waltzes

Pure Country Band  heard they are not very good

Rance Norton  (music sample)  only played Two Step for 3 hours, takes several 45 minute breaks

Randall King …..haven’t heard them yet

Rebels Of Texas haven’t heard them yet, sounds good on the internet

Redd Volkaert   part of Heybale, heard him play with Lucky Tomblin and at Texas Jazz Fest, he’s great

Rex Allen McNiel good dance band!!

Rick Hernandez  tried hard but messed up pretty much every song

Rick Reyna thinks you have to be LOUD to be good

Ricky Adams Band   really good dance band

River City Kings too rocky for my taste

Roadside Libby….haven’t heard them yet

Robyn Ludwick

Rocky King Band  played almost all Two Step….have heard that he plays a better variety now
Rodney Hayden   heard him outside at SA Rodeo, had to hear him again, good dance band

Roger Creager (Americana) (music sample)

Ronnie Pfeil

Rosie Flores rockabilly
Ryland Edwards  haven’t heard them yet

S.A. Country haven’t heard them yet

Sam Bentley Band  no longer active apparently

Sarah Pierce (music sample)  good dance band

Scott Taylor Band haven’t heard them yet

Scotty Thurman & Perfect Trouble  (music sample) not in this area often, no longer active?

Shawn Allen & Bout Time Band  (music sample)  no longer active?

Sisters Morales (music sample)

Slim Roberts & Texas Weather  not a bad band but not great, still playing?

Smokehouse Guitar Country (blues)   SLOW loading calendar

South Austin Moonlighters probably not my kind of music

Stephen Chadwick haven’t heard them yet

Steve Bing & Bayou Hotshots haven’t heard them yet

Straight Shot haven’t heard them yet

MollieB & Squeezebox they are really good

Tejas Bros (Americana) really good for their style

Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars okay band, can be a bit squeaky

Texas Tradition Family Band no longer touring?

Texas K.G.B. (Americana / Blues Rock / Folk)

Texas Jamm Band (featuring members of George Strait’s Ace In The Hole)

Texas Nutz ..according to their Facebook page = “is a 3 man variety/party band with a “ ‘big’ band sound’ ”, Country/Country Rock

Texas Rebellion they are very good

Texas Rimshot  they are pretty good until they “rock out”, no web site (apparently)

Texas Terraplanes (music sample) blues band
Texas Two Lane haven’t heard them but heard they were really missing one of their players

Texas Thunder  heard they are real good….too rocky for my taste

Texas Unlimited Band

The Countrymen good dance band

The English Bros really good “cowboy country” band

The Georges roots/rockabilly, good for what they do but was very loud

The Merles really good band, plays some really old songs very well

The Pearl Snaps really good band, if they had a fiddler they would be excellent

The Shadows, no web site (apparently)

Thompson Lee  / Thompson Legacy Band (formally The Ranger Band, now known as Dana Lee Band) good dance band

Thomas Michael Riley (music sample)   good music to listen to, not my preference for dancing

Three Cord Rodeo haven’t heard them yet

Tom Teboe   good dance band

Toman Bros   really rocky

Tommy Alverson   good dance band

Tommy Harrison Band  sounds more like Tommy Dorsey big band than anything “Texas”

Tommy Hooker   really good music

Tony Booth (music sample)  bad attitude

Trace Of Gold heard them at Albert on the patio, pretty good

The Wagoneers (music sample) they were okay but never will be a favorite

Vernon Doege good dance band

Wade Andrew Smith & Driftwood Band haven’t heard them yet

Wade Bowen

Wagon Aces…..no web page (yet) but they are really good!!, one of my favorites

Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros (click HERE & HERE for a music sample)

Weldon Henson (music sample) heard him at Luckenbach once, has a rock ‘n roll attitude in his C&W

Whitey Morgan haven’t heard them yet

Wilburn Bros   heard them a few years back, did more talking than playing….heard them again May 2014…really lousy

Will Bannister saw him at La Grange, really good!

Will Dudley no longer touring?

Wolf Sisters  describe themselves as “Contemporary rock/country”, their YouTube videos are more rock than country

Wrangler Country w/Paul Sanchez  haven’t heard them yet

Zane Williams really good!!



Chris Tomlin



Paul Thorn (music sample) (bluesman extraordinaire, he opened for Bonnie Raitt)

Ruben V   local to San Antonio

Bob Bass Band

Jimmie Vaughn



Original Recipe Band


dance lessons

with Ken Murray @ Thirsty Horse on Thursday &:30 $5, this is who I took dance lessons from

You Ken Dance



Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering – Alpine – late February

Outlaws And Legends – Abilene – sometime in late March or early April

Charlie Daniel's Volunteer Jam - early March - Nashville

Best Little Cowboy Gathering In Texas - La Grange – 2nd weekend of March, reserve your motel room early, buy the “reserved seat” ticket

Heart Of Texas Country Music Association - Brady - 3rd weekend of March

JVC Jazz Festival

Western Swing Music Society --- Witchia Falls --– late March

Marble Falls Bluebonnet Blues - late March

Swing On The Square   San Marcos --- 1st weekend of April

Llano FiddleFest – 1st weekend of April

Concho Valley Bluegrass Festival – San Angelo, mid April

Dallas Guitar Festival -- mid April

Old Settler's Music Festival – Austin -- mid April

Bob Will’s Day – Turkey – late April

Western Heritage Classic – Abilene

Maifest – Anhalt – late May

Cowtown Society Of Western Swing Fest – Mineral Wells – 1st Saturday of May

South Texas Cowboy Gathering -- Sequin, early May

Simply Texas Blues Festival - SA Blues Society San Angelo, mid May

Shuffle Festival – Western Club, Navasota, mid May

Victoria & Jazz it Up Festival -- mid June

West Texas Western Swing Festival -  Snyder, early June

Tall City Blues Fest – Midland/Odessa - mid July

Viva Big Bend Music Festival – Alpine – late July

Mosquito Festival – Clute – late July

Houston Jazz Festival -- early August

Boogie Back To Bastrop -- August

Bat Fest – Austin – late August

Texas Thunder Country Music Festival – Midland/Odessa – late August

Fritz Fest @ Fredricksburg - Labor Day

Sequin Cowboy Gathering – now in early May as "Seguin Cowboy Gathering"

San Angelo Cowboy Gathering – mid September

Ft Worth Jazz By The Boulevard -- mid September….still going on???

Oktoberfest – Anhalt – 3rd Saturday October

South Texas Jazz Festival -- 3rd weekend October

Boerne Music & Arts Festival -- mid October….still going on???

Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering & Western Swing Festival, Ft Worth Stockyards – late October