Yellowstone Elk and Wolf, February 2001


I got to go skiing for 6 days at Big Sky, Montana with friends Jeff & Annie & Ryan Thompson


While we were there, we took one day for a snowmobiling trip to Yellowstone


We traveled from the west entrance of Yellowstone to Old Faithful and back.

Riding a snowmobile is one of the roughest rides I've ever taken.


These images are from a scanned photo using a Microtek flat bed scanner

The photos were originally taken using a handheld Pentax K 35mm with a 300mm Zeiss zoom lens


When you are snowmobiling in Yellowstone and you come upon others who are stopped

and looking at something, it is time to turn the engine off and get out the camera. 

Here's why…..



I was less than 25 feet away when I took these photos of the elk



We were standing there, admiring the elk as they moved along the river's edge

when this critter comes walking across the road behind us.

He was less than 50 yards away and didn't really care about us.



I also took a photo of a wolf that had just made a kill and was dragging it off

but it was about 250 yards away and the photo didn't come out very good.

I may scan it and see what I can do with Adobe Photo Elements.