These were taken using my (now) old Vivitar 35mm with a 200mm telephoto, hand held.


Full moon rise over the Continental Divide outside of Lake City, CO 1992 ??

This is one of my favorites because of how I took it and where I was (Camp Redcloud).

I knew from the day before that the moon would come up here but I didn't get the shot that day.

So, I got there early in order to get this shot,

as in I sat in the field for about 1 1/2 hours for just the right moment


I didn't know ducks had blue bills until I saw this one.

Friend Tom Rust has identified this as a Rudding duck. Thanks once again Tom!

I have no idea where I was when I took this.

Once I sort through my negatives I may be able to make a determination.


Flamingos at the S.A. Zoo



And some Koi


I think this is the only hummer photo that I have


An Iris that is in my front yard that was transplanted from my parent's front yard in Lubbock

It rarely ever blooms, usually at the most unlikely times



A Signature Spider that used to live under my patio cover



This is one of my favorites for several reasons.

1) This was the first time that the Shuttle made it to San Antonio.

2) I literally ran down four flights of stairs to get this shot

I was out of breath, I'm surprised it came out this good

It had to land at Edwards AFB in California because of the weather in Florida.

It made a stopover in San Antonio for fuel

I think it is on the back of a 727


Those spots are on the actual photo.

Once I get a Film/Slide Scanner I will do this over again.


By far these are some of my favorite photos from being out hiking

These were taken at Enchanted Rock State Park, probably 1986.