This is normal weather for the panhandle of Texas

    and the area I grew up in.  I put this page up so I

    could give folks unfamiliar with the area an idea

    of how it can get there.

This was taken outside of Lubbock on Nov. 27th, 2005.

That is cotton plants that you see, the only thing

    missing to "complete" the landscape is an oil well,

    of which there are many in this area.

Those white colored humps in the background is

    cotton that has been harvested into trailers,

    which are as big as a semi-trailer.



And this is the view out of my windshield.

It can be "clear as a bell out" (whatever that means)

and 15 minutes later it can look like this.


But then again, the dust in the air creates

some spectacular sunsets such as this.