Boerne water crossings

Aug 16, 2007


Hurricane Erin hit the coast and brought some rain to our area. 

Friend Tom Rust said he got 10" of it in 24 hours at his house,

he lives north of Boerne.


This photo was taken by Tom at the Sisterdale Rd crossing of

Guadalupe River.  The flow rate at the Spring Branch gauge

was at 20,000 when this was taken but had been up to 60,000

earlier.  That's a whole lot of water.


You can see "trash" on the barbed wire fence where the water

level was earlier.

I think this bridge is about 30' tall.  Normally we take these roads down to

put-in or take-out when kayaking.


This is one of the three ways that I have to get home, this

being the intersection of Herff and Old San Antonio and Frey.

I talked with the owner of the property on the other side of this

intersection, he said that the water was over the top of the

sign with the yellow in 1997.  This is about 1/2 mile from my house.


This is how this intersection normally looks.


This is just around the bend from the previous photo on Herff.

Usually the flow here is so little that the water is smelly.

This is how this intersection normally looks.

Notice that the height gauge on the left has been replaced (again).

I couldn't get to what used to known locally as The Sheep Dip

on the northern route home as there was too much water on

Herff on the other side of my house.  The Sheep Dip now has

a new bridge, it is located at Herff and Hwy 46.  The Fair Grounds

are just around the corner to the right.