Buffalo National River, Arkansas

May 11 - May 16, 2007


I met George Lackey from San Angelo because he once drove all the

way from San Angelo with his granddaughter  to kayak the Guadalupe with the

Saturday Paddlers. 

Through this association I was able to join George and 9 others floating

down the Buffalo National River in Arkansas for 6 days of paddling and camping. 

We floated approximately 57 miles in that time, camping alongside the river on

the way.  The Buffalo is located in northern Arkansas in the Ozarks.  It is one of

the few remaining rivers in the U.S. without any dams.  It is noted for the towering

bluffs alongside the river. 

Because of its status as a National River, there is little commercialization

along its banks, it was "established for the purposes of conserving and interpreting

an area containing unique scenic and scientific features, and preserving as a

free-flowing stream an important segment of the Buffalo River in Arkansas for the

benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations."

We had to bring everything necessary with us needed for this adventure

--- food, water, clothing, camping gear, etc --- and it all had to be carried on the

boats which included canoes and kayaks.

            This was the first "real" vacation that I've had since early 2002.

It was one of the top adventures that I've had in life.  Thank you George!!



The numbers above each photo refer to my reference number.  If you want a copy of

any particular photo, please refer to that number.  No charge for photo files, just ask.


I tried to break up the pages to include about 20 photos each, hence the different pages

There are a total of ~195 photos involved in these pages (out of a possible 355).


I also have 3 movies available.  The best is a panoramic of the last place we stopped

for lunch.  Email me if you want the file.  It shows the river, gravel bar, and the bluff.

Right now it is 63 Meg in size = perhaps mailing a CD would be better.


All photos and movies were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7.  It is an older model

that I bought new.  I chose the older model as it has fewer "bells and whistles".  It is not

a waterproof camera but it does have 12x zoom (=433mm) among other features.


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