Boerne Lake

August 5, 2007


I have been talking with friend Phil about my kayaking adventures

and he wanted to try it.  We wanted to go down a river but decided the

flow rates were too high to attempt it with someone who had never done

this before.  So, we met at Boerne Lake late in the afternoon. 

Phil borrowed a Dirigo Crossover kayak from a friend of his.  This

kayak is supposedly made for both touring and whitewater.  After we set

out Phil had considerable trouble getting the thing to go straight.  So,

we switched boats and I had the same issue.  After I was worn out & we

were about to turn around Phil pops up and mentions that his friend said

something about "a rudder".  If I could have whacked him with the paddle

I would have but the thing kept wanting to go left.  Well, the rudder made

all the difference.  We went part of the way up Cibolo Creek then came

back along the opposite bank before heading back to the boat launch. 

The lake area was still under construction with most of the parking

closed off.  From what I can see the only "improvement" that is going to

make much difference is the restrooms that were put in.  There will be

less parking available but it will be along paved roads.  Big deal.

                  After paddling the Lake we went to the Hungry Horse for supper.

After that we stopped at Cibolo Creek for a while.  It was amazingly cool

by the Creek.


on the Lake

a stranded spectator

by the Creek