Camp Wood - Montell/CR112

August 11, 2007 - Nueces River


The put-in is just south of Camp Wood where the Nueces

crosses Hwy 55.  The take-out out just south of Montell, take

CR411 on the left, bear left after getting onto CR411 to get onto

CR412 going northeast.

The flow rate on Friday night was 570.  Had it been any

lower we probably would have had to scooch quite a bit.  As it

was, there were only a few places that was a bit thin.

It seemed to me that this 9 mile stretch of the river was

wider on this section.  I know there were several drops in

elevation in addition to several twists and turns with strange

eddy currents.  As usual, the Nueces was very clear, even in

the deep spots.  We stopped along the way several times for

a refreshing dip.







Down the river

Time for lunch