Edge Falls Rd - Specht's Crossing

July 14, 2007 - Guadalupe River


As noted on the June trip, there has been enough rain recently to be able to have changed the way you float down a river.  The Guadalupe flow rate at Comfort was at 491 and 1020 at Spring Branch gauges on Friday.  Whereas with less flow it is mainly about getting around rocks and stumps, with the higher flow rate it is more about steering through standing waves and avoiding anything still above water.

I don't know if managed to perform my "half-Eskimo" technique or if I just lost control because I got swamped by four standing waves in a row washing over the bow.   Regardless, I was out of the boat and found out what it's like to body surf through some standing waves.  It was not the most pleasant experience, I learned to get on my back and stay that way until I got through the series of waves.



Down the river

Time for lunch


Dead trees and other things