Barksdale - Camp Wood

July 7, 2007 - Nueces River


Once again we got to enjoy floating on the Nueces River due to the recent rain.It wasn't as clear as it normally is because it had rained the night before.

According to the flow gauge at Laguna the river was running at 524 on Friday evening but I am doubtful that was accurate for when we got on the river because of the rain from the night before. Nonetheless, it was a nice ride of about 15 miles, cruising at about 4 mph.

I did manage to keep my kayak in the upright position for the whole trip.There were some strange eddy currents along the way.There was a group of young men that took off right before we got there.Just a little ways down the river they were mostly piled up at a short curving narrow stretch on the right with a "sweeper" that should not have been attempted.We took the opportunity to portage and have lunch.


NOTE: The Nueces River is not shown in the paddling book,

††††††††††† I am glad that Joline knows where to go on,

it's a really wonderful stretch of water.




Down the river

Time for lunch --didn't take any photos while we were at lunch

"Spectators" -- didnít see any on this trip

Dead trees and other things-- not much along this stretch of river