Hwy55/CR410 - Hwy19 Bridge

June 9, 2007 - Nueces River


As noted before, there has been enough rain recently to be able to have an adventure on this section of the Nueces.  The Nueces has been known for its clear water and that has not diminished.  It was a hot day but being able to sit in the cool clear water was quite nice. 

The flow rate at Laguna was at 370 on Friday, any less and I think we would have had to portage a lot.  As it was, there were some significant turns to be made.  I managed to perform my "half-Eskimo" technique no less than four times, which was okay….. except for losing my (second) Barmah hat on the first turn.

It is a 2 hour drive to this put-in from San Antonio, at least 2 1/2 from Boerne, if you use Loop 1604 and Hwy 90.  We left the vehicles at the put-in, Stan K. was nice enough to transport us all from the take-out back to pick up our vehicles at the end of the day.  Leaving the vehicles there was the correct thing to do.




On the road again

Down the river

Time for lunch



Dead trees and other things -- no dead trees and such this trip.