Waring/Hwy 1621 - Sisterdale/Hwy 1376

June 16, 2007 - Guadalupe River


This was an adventure alright, just not for me to be on the water.  On Friday the flow rate was 436 cfs and I was ready to go.  Saturday morning it was at 926, and by 3:45 Saturday afternoon it was 2741.  I had no idea it would get this high according to the station at Comfort but I chose not to get on the river.  However, there were 17 others that chose to undertake this endeavor.  I suppose David (the staunch Republican --- NOT) put it the best way at the put-in by saying "I'm glad there are others that have agreed to this suicide mission".

            As suggested by Joline I decided to drive to the Zoeller Lane crossing in order to take photos of the brave souls as they went by.  The day was not without some adventure as you will see on the "Spectators" page.

            The put-in was at "Old San Road"/Hwy 1621 and Zoeller Lane.  The take-out was at Hwy 1376 south of Sisterdale.  As I was waiting for the kayakers to show up at Zoeller Crossing the river rose about 9 inches in the hour or so of waiting.



The river and kayakers


Other things