Zoeller Lane - Sisterdale/Hwy 1376

July 26, 2008 - Guadalupe River


The water level went down from the mid-60s on Friday

night to the mid-40s by Saturday morning.  We were all

thankful for the rain we got due to the coastal hurricane

but it wasn’t enough and it wasn’t far enough north to

make a big difference for kayaking. 

Gee, what a difference a years makes!!

That has been identified as a Texas Blue Bell even

though they are really purple.  I guess whoever named it

didn’t like the “ring” of Texas Purple Bell.



That must have been a really larger cypress tree at one time

A white flower in the area where we stopped for lunch

And a purple thistle

Speaking of lunch, anyone for a daquiri?

            (this is what is called “roughing it”

     – having to use plastic cups without salt)

Most of the group gathered in a circle for lunch




Sometimes the river is wide and deep

and sometimes it is narrow and shallow

that’s Susan making sure that everyone gets through it

            -- a hard right then a left and another left

This is Donna from Houston showing how its done in a canoe


And here’s fellow Boerne resident Claire

There’s a Pablo and Donna

and here is Sandra checking out a creek leading to the river

“Sandra, do you feel like something is coming over you?”