Frio River -- Third Crossing to Second Crossing

December 30, 2006

Frio River -- Third Crossing to Hwy 127 Crossing @ Neal's Lodge

and January 1, 2007


We were supposed to kayak the Nueces River on New Year's Day

but there wasn't enough water to kayak in.  So, we went back to the

Frio and repeated the same section we had kayaked on Saturday but

floating on to the Hwy 127 Crossing. 


We put in at about where the "8" is in the "CR-348" that points down (I think).



There were several rapids in the bottom section of the river.  I got wet,

not from doing my usual "half-Eskimo" but rather from getting stuck

crosswise in a small waterfall (not making a proper entry), getting out

of the kayak, and slipping down into the water.  It was invigorating!!!


The following photos were taken with my new camera, a Panasonic

DMC FZ-7 (6.1Meg, 12x optical zoom).  I like my new toy!!!


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no "spectators"  on these runs except for a Heron, I didn't get a picture of it


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            (my fascination for dead trees seems to be wearing off)





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