Frio River -- Third Crossing to Second Crossing

December 30, 2006

Frio River -- Third Crossing to Hwy 127 Crossing @ Neal's Lodge

and January 1, 2007


this adventure's "Into the river for another paddling adventure"


That is Sandra, Nancy, and Joline.

And, yes, the water really is that clear all the way down the river.



Hey Joline, have you 'bout got that hat broke in?



It was an absolutely beautiful two days although it was a bit nippy when we started out.

Nancy stayed comfortable.



This photo does not do justice to this cliff……. 100 feet up???



That is Jim in the helmet, not a bad idea.

Sometimes the river was narrow and …..


sometimes it is wide



Lunch time on the river




Some of the time we had to "do the limbo man"



That is John Benedict's son-in-law Jacob.

He leads rafting trips in California among many other outdoor things.



And that is John Benedict's daughter Kellie (sp?)

This is the second time she joined us for a kayaking adventure.




There goes John Benedict

Again, notice how clear the water was, even when it was deep (we saw a lot of fish)




but there were a lot of rapids to negotiate