prior data
56 awful
125 can do it but barely
350 great - fast - rapids scary with standing waves
xx xx 200x
Comfort/Hwy 87 to prior data
River Bend Rd/ 40 surprisingly ok - only had to get out twice, did scrape a lot though
Seidensticker Crossing 70 adequate
87 delightful - can paddle all the way
120 delightful - can paddle all the way
xx xx 200x
River Bend Rd/ prior data
Seidensticker Crossing 80 absolute minimum, lot of scrapes, bad @ carp channels & below big rapid
to Waring/ 90 adequate, a few scrapes
Old San Antonio Rd 133 very nice - few rocks
350 can drive through Seidensticker Crossing
400 water was 4'-6' over Seidensticker Crossing
450 water was barely sloshing over the bridges - great trip
xx xx 200x
Waring/ prior data
Old San Antonio Rd 33 absolute minimum, dragged twice at beginning & 6 times at the end
to Waring/Zoeller Ln 65 barely adequate
Waring/Zoeller Ln to prior data
Sisterdale/Old Crossing 95 not bad, a few scrapes, less manuvering room in corners
@ Hwy 1376 164 Perfect!  Almost no rocks, but low water bridge must be portaged on the right
200 Delightful - low water bridge can be run
300 low water bridge has a significant hydraulic - can be run but paddle, paddle, paddle
400 flowing 12" over the bridge
550 water to bottom of bridge is FAST, old low water bridge is easy, squirrely currents
800 just over bridge, @ 600 just to bottom of bridge @ 750 it is 3" over
06 16 2007 I chose not to go
436   2.88 436 on Friday, 926 at 10:00am on Saturday and 2670 @ 3:30pm
I went to Zoeller to take their pictures, it rose 9" in the time for them to shuttle from Old San Antonio
and get to Zoeller.  The take-out was at 1376.  I chose not to go
Sisterdale/Old Crossing prior data
@ Hwy1376 to 250 very fast, no rocks, not for newbies, otherwise an easy trip with so much current
Amman's Crossing 350 very fast, no rocks, not for newbies, otherwise an easy trip with so much current
@ Hwy 474 2500 puts into @ bridge abutment = +/- 26 feet
05 19 2007
240 perfect flow, had a great time
Amman's Crossing prior data
@ Hwy 474 1000 good fast current, some big standing waves, ok!
 to Bergheim/ xx xx 200x
Sultenfuss Crossing
 - Bergheim/ prior data
Sultenfuss Crossing 290 Perfect!, ran rockpile just left of center = bouncy fun, dog leg splashy, okay on left
 to Bergman xx xx 200x
Bergman to prior data
Old Spring Ranch Rd/ 45 awful in major rapids, bump & scrape, stop in last one before State Park, otherwise ok
Specht's Crossing 65 adequate, a few scrapes, ok
97 adequate
300 perfect
1400 very fast, the two major rapids are followed by 3' standing waves - very bouncy - ok
Edge Falls Rd to 07 14 2007 Gage Ht, feet    Stream-flow (ft³/s)
Specht's Crossing Comfort = 3.21 491, Spring Branch = 4.76  1,020
nice waterfalls on right, hard right then left turn, able to float over lower road
several series of standing waves, last series after the park washed over front
Old Spring Branch Rd/ prior data
Specht's Crossing 270 Good!  Water washes out rock gardens, makes fun standing waves
to Rebecca Creek Rd xx xx 200x
Telegraph - State Park prior data
90 okay, a little low
xx xx 200x
State Park - Junction prior data
xx xx 200x
Junction - Mason prior data
97 barely okay
xx xx 200x
prior data
xx xx 200x
CR410 - Hwy19 prior data
68 barely adequate
140 awful on "lower stretch" off Hwy 83 - barely enough to get to take out (#405)
200 OK, but getting shallow in many places (like from Sky's down to #405)
300 good, few rocks
06 09 2007
370  3.32 370 = min flow @ Laguana, a few difficult turns, clear water, no trees, hot!
Barksdale - Camp Wood 07 07 2007
542 great trip but a few hinky turns die to eddy currents
it rained the night before so I don't know how accurate the web site was, the water wasn't clear
we cruised at about 5mph
as the river goes to the right after the put-in there is a passage that isn't really a passage, portage time!
Camp Wood - CR412 N 08 11 2007 limited parking under the bridge @ C.W. which is on the right, limited parking at CR412
570 takeout on Hwy 55 just past Montel, take CR411 on the left, bear left on 411 to get to 412
3.61   52.0 lots of twists and turns, if less than 550 then will scrap a lot
Rio Grande
prior data
100 cms = 3500 cfs
xx xx 200x
San Marcos
Hwy 90 Roadside Park prior data
to Luling City Park 08 05 2006 first trip in a kayak, an absolutely beautiful piece of river, constant flow,  clear water
/Zedler Mill
Luling City Park prior data
/Zedler Mill 120 good
to CO-102/Pecan Park 08 20 2006 have to portage past the dams on the right, stay to the right when Blanco River joins this river
CO-102/Pecan Park prior data
xx xx 200x stay right @ Old Mill, portage Martindale Dam on the right
prior data
xx xx 200x
prior data
xx xx 200x
prior data
xx xx 200x